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By Pamela Tongue / Sep 12 20182:56 PM The Diesel On Full Guard didn't illuminate the wearable world so the company is allowing it a second attempt by packing loads of new features into its second generation watch. It's called the Diesel On Full Guard 2.5 and while the name may recommend this is a venturing stone between two item generations this is in fact just the second watch from the company. We've yet to learn why it has that '2.5' name but this new upgrade incorporates all of the tech we've found in the range of smartwatches made by Fossil (who makes Diesel Wear OS items) so you'll get some genuine upgrades here. Diesel On Full Guard 2.5 price and release date The watch will be ready to purchase in October this year and we're seeking it'll be up after grabs in a determination of markets all around the world. Pricing is as yet unclear but we'd anticipate that it will be a similar level to the original Full Guard watch that cost $325/329 (around AU$435). Design and display Before you know anything else you have to know the Diesel On Full Guard 2.5 is massive. It is as large as it looks in the photos in this hands on and that feels appropriate for the Diesel brand. The original Diesel On Full Guard watch was a different suggestion that mirrored a portion of the brand's interesting design but this one takes it to another level with a major 1.39-inch display implanted in the watch that takes over your wrist. At the season of composing this is the largest Wear OS smartwatch on the market. The Full Guard 2.5 is made of a superior vibe metal which means it feels heavy on the wrist. You'll see it as soon as you put it on but at the season of composing we've yet to learn the exact weight. We do know the case measure is 56mm which isn't something you regularly observe on a smartwatch. Keep in mind the largest Apple Watch 3 demonstrate is 42mm. The carry width is also 24mm… we can't hammer home enough that this is a massive watch. Two programmable buttons side on the right hand side of the watch appear to be useful while there's also a rotating crown amidst the two that will enable you to spin through the menus within Wear OS. Color shrewd you have the decision of a silver and black combination that you can find in this article but our favorite is the black blended with bright red that gives a bold and (some way or another) even more novel look to the watch. This watch isn't for everybody. If you're a fan of stout watches and the design components of Diesel you'll likely get energized as soon as you see it in the substance. Specs and features Fossil is upgrading the tech in all its watches (the brand as of now makes Diesel Wear OS devices) henceforth why the Diesel On Full Guard 2.5 has a major upgrade in the engine compared the last version. Inside is the same Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset that we've seen in many watches in the course of the last two years and we observed this to be fast enough in our restricted testing. This may before long become obsolete as Qualcomm is readying itself to make another watch chipset but we don't yet know when that'll launch. Google Pay is conceivable on this watch thanks to a NFC chipset in addition to you'll have the capacity to use this for something beyond you step tally with regards to practice as it has a GPS tracker heart rate screen and it's swimproof as well. Exactly for what reason you'd want to use this immense watch for practice is unclear to us. We think this will feel particularly heavy on your wrist while working out but we'll make sure to put the solace component through hell when we attempt this one out for a full review. The most up to date Wear OS software is on the Full Guard 2.5 so you'll get all of the advantages of Google's latest update in addition to Fossil as of now estimates the battery life of the watch will last between 1 to 2 days. That's not particularly great – and it's something we'll push as far as possible in our full review – but it has rapid charging that ought to allow it to get from 0% to 80% in around 60 minutes. Early verdict The Diesel On Full Guard 2.5 has embraced the look Diesel fans love about its items and if you're into the brand you may want to purchase this watch. It's heavy large and we don't know how it'll fair when you're working out but it so far looks to be a capable Wear OS watch.

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When you purchase a Diesel watch, what you’re essentially purchasing is a Fossil watch. These feature quartz movements that are low-maintenance and provide accurate timing. Their watches also have a reputation for being quite durable, but will not compare with the best high-end brands that are currently in our industry.

The By Pamela Tongue / Sep 12 20182:56 PM The Diesel On Full Guard didn't i… Review and Buying Guide Which Comes well within Your Budget and all of the Product Description

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Diesel have carved out their own unique position in the world of fashion watches, one upping the overtly campy and inexpensive competition by embracing leading-edge design concepts that look to extend the tried and true classic motifs of the past and not simply discard them.

The Diesel On Full Guard is a fashionable smartwatch, where features come second to the style. While we don’t think this is a bad thing smartwatches, like analog watches, should be as much about the look as the features it’s important to point out what you don’t get. It doesn’t have a heart rate sensor, GPS, or NFC.

The Diesel On Full Guard looks like an analog Diesel watch, it’s slim and comfortable, the screen is colourful and crystal clear, and we love the customizable watch faces. It’s a smartwatch you’ll buy because you like the way it looks, and that’s a rarity in the smartwatch world, particularly at this price.

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