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kurio watch walmart may not have rocketed to ubiquity the same way smartphones did, but they are still selling and there’s an ever-growing range of devices out there. The Kurio Watch from KD Interactive is aimed squarely at kids. It packs in a laundry list of features including a camera, a range of apps and games, messaging, and support for calls when paired with a phone via Bluetooth.

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This time the smart watch comes with a high capacitive touchscreen making your kid’s experience of the watch even better! So you do not really have to mind spending a little more to ensure your child gets the best. It has most of the features of the KD Interactive and additional productivity tools. So your kids can make a record of and remind themselves of the necessary tasks they need to fulfil. This way, they can keep a check on themselves without you constantly worrying about them having not finished their homework or any of the sorts.

The software on the Kurio Watch is Kurio’s own creation and does not require a smartphone to work. The software does allow multiple Kurio Watches to be paired and communicate with each other, which is part of the broader fun here. We had two watches here for review and the kids were able to play games with each other after the watches were paired to one another

Kuriosmart watched are designed and crafted carefully for kids. It just does not fulfil the child’s wishes to own a watch, but also comes with a number of technically advanced tools.

The watches can also send text messages to each other, allowing for some sneaky conversation while mom and dad are unaware. The Kurio Watch comes with the following games and apps pre installed.

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