smart watch with sim card dz09Nokia Lumia 1520 – one of the Top 10 Phablets in 2015. For more phablets see >> …


smart watch won t turn onSince then, smartwatches have become very common. Every company big or small has their unique version of the smartwatch. With all the option at hand, it can get overwhelming to select a particular company’s smartwatch over the other.

The Nokia Lumia 1520 – one of the Top 10 Phablets in 2015. For more phablets see >> … Review and Buying Guide Which Comes well within Your Budget and all of the Product Description

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The battery life stands up to 2 days, which makes sleep tracking possible compared to other devices. Also, it lets you go running or cycling without a phone due to its’ real-time coaching and live GPS mapping. The watch itself will save you work-out data that you could analyze later.

The watch also has onboard storage that can hold slew of your favourite apps that are compatible with the watch’s OS. While I do not mind a watch without inbuilt storage, having this feature is a good thing.

Most smartwatches, including the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear Sport, use wireless charging, which is convenient. You don’t have to plug your device directly into a charger; instead, you lay it flat on a charging puck.

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